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I lead one of the best real estate brokerage teams in the world. If you’re interested in buying, selling, or working with us, I highly recommend it!


Real Estate x Business Expert:

I’ve brokered an astounding half a billion in sales and built a top-producing team at Douglas Elliman.

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    Building a Profitable Sales Team
    In the toughest market in the world, Kirsten has sold $500M worth of property and built her own team. Can you become your own manager and lead a team to success? Yes, you can with the right mindset and rhythm in place. Kirsten will teach you how to cultivate your growth plan from hiring talented employees to optimizing every facet of operations.
  • Group 278
    Inspiration for Strength Based Entrepreneurship
    Becoming a good self-manager does not mean changing who you are, but rather maximizing your existing strengths and mitigating your known weaknesses. Kirsten will help you optimize your mindset so you can be the best manager you’ve ever had and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that comes with being your own boss.
  • Group 279
    NYC ushers in ultra-luxury rentals amid high interest ratesNYC ushers in ultra-luxury rentals amid high interest rates
    What fancy condo? Today, New York is ushering in the era of ultra-luxury rentals where the pickings are slim and rival the best new for-sale properties in town...
  • Group 280
    Stretching Your Dollars: Financial Tips for Savvy Homebuyers
    With home sales rising 4.1 percent in April from the month before and 11.8 percent from a year ago, the housing market is still hot. Kirsten Jordan, associate real estate broker for Douglas Elliman…
  • Group 281
    10 steps to creating a stellar co-op or condo board application
    If you’re considering buying an apartment in New York City, you’ll need to clear other hurdles beyond coughing up the down payment and securing a mortgage. Welcome to the labyrinthine board...
  • Group 282
    NYC Developer Hunts for Homebuyers Squeezed
    NYC Developer Hunts for Homebuyers SqueezedNYC Developer Hunts for Homebuyers Squeezed
  • Group 283
    The crypto market’s turmoil has left some investors struggling
    In March 2020, the entrepreneur sold a trampoline facility he owned in Georgia and divided the proceeds between the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Muresan invested $500,000 in crypto...

Thought Leadership x Motivational:

I’m an American businesswoman and real estate guru who can help you amplify your brand, grow your business and thrive in entrepreneurship and motherhood.

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    Being the CEO of your home
    and your business
    Did you really get into motherhood to be lonely? Kirsten has 3 children and has tried every imaginable way of structuring her home vs. work administration…so you don’t have to! She will help identify the best places to outsource and where to focus your attention to ensure a full professional life and a happy family.
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    Achieving ALL of your Goals
    Through State Management
    Being at the top of your game changes your business and more importantly your life. All of this comes from managing your mental state. You work on being in state so you can turn every disaster into an opportunity and look effortless in the process. Kirsten will share her in depth strategies for how she stays in the right state every day in every situation.
  • Group 279
    Personal Branding in
    a Digital Age
    Personal branding is not something real estate agents need to think about at a 1-day seminar once a year. It’s how they conduct themselves all day, every day. Kirsten will help you find your branding pillars and give yourself permission to be the star of your own business.
  • Group 277 1
    The Hollywood Reporter Honors Top Real Estate Agents
    Some of the most prestigious real estate agents in New York City gathered at The Hollywood Reporter’s inaugural New York Power Broker Awards. The private event, held on May 25 at chef Angie Mar’s Les Trois Chevaux restaurant in the West Village, honored real estate agents with awards in seven categories. The evening, co-hosted with luxury real estate PR firm The Society Group and sponsored by interior design…
  • Group 278
    Stepping Into Your Greatness with MDLNY’s Kirsten Jordan
    “Brokers are a dime a dozen. Even at the luxury level, they’re everywhere. If you can’t differentiate yourself and have a confident conversation with buyers and sellers about what’s really going on… you’re dead in the water.” Sage advice from Kirsten Jordan, longtime New York real estate professional and the first female agent cast on Million Dollar Listing New York...

What My Guests are Saying:

  • The afternoon was ripe with insights from speakers like Emily Burnett, founder & CEO of MetaBurnett, who shared her vision of Web3 in fashion, and Kirsten Jordan, the first female cast member of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, who presented an enlightening perspective on the future of real estate and technology.
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  • The day commenced with a grounding meditation led by wellness expert and author, Krista Nerestant. This was followed by an interactive opening keynote delivered by Jen Halweil, Emmy nominated director and sustainable futurist, who shared her insights on building a sustainable future through technology. Additional afternoon speakers included Emily Burnett, founder and CEO of MetaBurnett who discussed Web3 in fashion and Kirsten Jordan, real estate broker and the first female cast member of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” on the future of real estate and leveraging technology.
    Group 277 2
  • Kirsten was an absolute joy and a fabulous guest speaker at our event. Her on-site team was a pleasure to work with and her down to earth presentation really connected with our audience. After her presentation she was gracious enough to attend some of the other events during our conference, which was recognized and appreciated not only by the Girls with Grit team, but many of the attendees commented about how excited they were to be able to meet Kirsten in person after her presentation. We loved having Kirsten at our event and so appreciate her willingness to connect with us and our audience off-stage.” -Jamie, Lauren, & Tara (Girls with Grit)
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