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    Luxury Sales
    What does it take to sell luxury today? The ability to create client relationships and sell homes to some of the country’s wealthiest individuals is a transferable skill to other markets and products. Learn how Kirsten got to this level and how she continues to sell to these types of clients.
  • Group 78
    State Management
    Being at the top of your game changes your business and more importantly your life. All of this comes from managing your mental state. You work on being in state so you can turn every disaster into an opportunity and look effortless in the process. Kirsten will share her in depth strategies for how she stays in the right state every day in every situation.
  • Group 87
    Becoming a good self-manager does not mean changing who you are, but rather maximizing your existing strengths and mitigating your known weaknesses. Kirsten will help you optimize your mindset so you can be the best manager you’ve ever had and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that comes with being your own boss.
  • Building Teams
    Building Teams
    In the toughest market in the world, Kirsten has sold $500M worth of property and built her own team. Can you become your own manager and lead a team to success? Yes, you can with the right mindset and rhythm in place. Kirsten will teach you how to cultivate your growth plan from hiring talented employees to optimizing every facet of operations.
  • Group 79
    Personal Branding
    Personal branding is not something real estate agents need to think about at a 1-day seminar once a year. It’s how they conduct themselves all day, every day. Kirsten will help you find your branding pillars and give yourself permission to be the star of your own business.
  • Group 89
    Balancing Motherhood
    Did you really get into motherhood to be lonely? Kirsten has 3 children and has tried every imaginable way of structuring her home vs. work administration...so you don’t have to! She will help identify the best places to outsource and where to focus your attention to ensure a full professional life and a happy family.

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