Kirsten Jordan is a renowned real estate agent based in New York City. With over a decade of experience, she has brokered sales for a diverse range of clients, from influential figures to everyday home-seekers. Kirsten has been prominently featured on the popular TV show "Million Dollar Listing."
Kirsten has a remarkable track record, selling out several new developments in NYC, amounting to over $100M in new development sales. She's not only a broker but also an avid real estate investor, granting her an acute understanding of property value and the intricacies of the selling process.
Certainly! Kirsten's team is backed by more than 25 years of combined real estate experience, with over $500M in total sales. They are adept at understanding both the buyer and seller perspectives, ensuring a smooth and effortless transaction process for all parties involved.
Beyond listings and real estate insights, Kirsten's website delves into her journey as a woman entrepreneur, both in the professional realm and at home. She shares advice based on her experiences of balancing motherhood with building a thriving real estate business. It's a hub of inspiration for aspiring professionals and parents alike.
Yes, Kirsten was featured on the TV show "Million Dollar Listing," which showcases the lives of high-end real estate professionals in NYC. Her appearance on the show has further cemented her position as a top real estate agent in the city.
You can reach out to Kirsten through her official website. She and her team are always ready to assist with any real estate needs or provide guidance to those seeking mentorship in entrepreneurship and balancing work-home life.
Yes, absolutely! Kirsten is available for speaking engagements and brings a wealth of knowledge from her experiences in real estate and as a woman entrepreneur. If you're interested in having her share her insights at your event, you can reach out through her official website for booking inquiries.