In NYC, people tend to take it for granted that they should use a real estate agent to sell their home. But did you know that in the U.S. overall, 89% of sellers use an agent to help sell their property? So, clearly the value of a real estate agent is being recognized throughout the country. 

The question is, what is that value? What exactly does a real estate agent bring to the table and the transaction that makes it an infinitely smarter choice to use an agent to sell your property, rather than forgo one?

We will explore that question here, so the next time you are wondering if you should hire an agent to sell your property, well — let’s just say, you won’t be wondering too long, or at all for that matter. 

Ok, let’s dive in.

1. It’s Nothing Personal

In the sale of any product, it’s always best to take emotion out of the sale, especially to ensure that you can yield the most money from it. It’s no surprise that actors, athletes, etc. use agents to help negotiate their contracts. The truth is, it’s not fun to negotiate about something you’re emotionally invested in nor is it smart to allow your emotions to get tied up into the sale as they can seriously cloud your decision making. Without an agent, it would be difficult for you to determine what the value of your home actually is and then negotiate on behalf of it. Your agent is there to help you get the most value for your home. So, while you’re of course, emotionally attached to your own property, a real estate agent will come into the transaction from an objective perspective backed by concrete market knowledge to help you get the most bang for your buck. 

2. Time and Energy 

It’s no secret that selling a home, and getting the most value you can from it takes time and energy — and a lot of it, for that matter. You probably already have a job that you dedicate a great deal of time and energy to, so it would be overwhelming and difficult to also manage the sale of your own property and add that onto your plate as well. Why not hire a designated professional to do that for you? Again, your agent is there to channel time, energy, determination and vigor on behalf of you and your property to help you get the most value of your home. So, you can stick to your 9 to 5 and let your real estate agent do their job of selling your property for you. 

3. Networking from a Pool of Experts 

As you know, real estate agents are experts in their field. You wouldn’t hire yourself to do your own electrical work in your home, right? Unless you did in fact have expertise in that space. Otherwise, that would not be a good idea, and probably even dangerous. Remember, real estate agents aren’t lone wolves. They come with a posse of contractors, attorneys, stagers, designers, etc. from whom they can not only leverage knowledge from, but can also offer you tremendous value too, referring you to a wide network of experts. These experts who are masters in their own designated subsection of real estate, home improvement or renovation can also help you in whatever job you need done, and they have the expertise needed to do it right. 

4. Market Knowledge

Lastly, and probably most importantly, in order to gain the most value for something you are selling, you need to know it’s true value. And the truth is, people tend to think that their home is worth much more than it actually is. You want to ensure that your property enters the market at the right price, so you can speed up its sale as well as better your chances of selling your home for what it’s actually worth. Coming onto the market at too high of a price is basically the kiss of death. So, how can you avoid this and ensure that you are able to come on to the market at the right price? By hiring a real estate agent, you can listen to their expertise and their assessment of your home as well as leverage their local market knowledge to ultimately help you yield the most value from the sale of your home.

And trust me, your future self will be glad you decide to hire an agent.

The next time you are wondering what your real estate is actually doing and the value they bring to the sale of your property, remember these points above and the hours we put into your transaction to help you get the most value for your home. 

So, you can save money, save time and get a higher price for your home…and spend a little time with a real estate agent like me! Can you say winning? 

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