Ah, one of my favorite topics.

I love staging, and everything that goes along with it because I love beautiful homes and aesthetically pleasing furniture. When an apartment or a house is staged, and staged well, everyone wins. It makes my life easier as a real estate agent because it helps the property sell faster which will in turn make you as the seller, happier. Sounds great, right? Yes, staging can be invaluable to sellers, helping them so much more efficiently sell their home and even for a better price! Staging offers a host of fantastic benefits and today we are going to explore what those are and why you should absolutely stage your property. 

1. Faster Sales

Staging is incredibly beneficial in helping you sell your home more quickly. The more beautifully furnished your home is, the more visually appealing the photos will be of it in the listings of your home. This means more eyes on your home’s listings, and more potential buyers coming to view your home. And the more people coming to view your home, the faster you can sell it, of course! Think about it. Would you be interested in coming to look at a property, no matter how many other checkmarks it ticks off, if it has not-so-attractive, fuddy-duddy furniture in all the pics? Probably not.

2. Buyers Can Visualize Better 

One of the biggest benefits of staging your home is that it helps buyers better imagine themselves being and living in the space, rather than just staring at furniture that doesn’t make much sense or empty rooms. When a home is staged, it can even make the room in your home appear bigger and more spacious, as it helps to maximize the space in your home. The more easily a buyer can visualize being in your home and making a new life for themselves and their family, the more motivated they will be to buy it. Which means, yes, you guessed it, it will help sell it faster, as well. 

3. Higher Sale Prices

The stats speak for themselves. Homes sell for more when they have been staged. According to sources, staged homes can sell for almost 17% higher sale prices than homes that are not staged. Why is that? Again, staging your home helps represent your home the best to potential buyers, elevating its aesthetics, and even making it seem that much more luxurious and desirable, helping to raise its value in buyers’ minds. And what are you looking for, after all? More moolah! A higher valued property in the eyes of the buyers and market means a higher sale price that your home will sell for and more money in your pocket. 

4. Play The Game to Win

You don’t play games to lose, right? Well, then why would you go into selling your home without putting your best foot forward, as well? When you stage your home, it gives the impression that the property is more move-in-ready. Potential buyers may even be able to look at the elegant furnishings of your staged home, and be so taken that they are able to see past any existing imperfections that may deter them from wanting your home. It’s as if you’re creating an illusion of a more perfect, idealized property, or more like just playing the game of real estate, wisely. Capiche? 

5. Faster Market Turnaround 

In addition to selling for higher prices, the statistics also show that staged homes spend 73% less time on the market. We already mentioned that staged homes attract more potential viewers of your home, which means more potential buyers, so it makes a lot of sense that it would help your property spend a lot less time on the market and sell a lot more quickly. In my opinion, I would bump the percentage up to more like 99% more  — because who wants to move into a place with furniture that makes no sense or is unappealing or outdated? 

It’s simple. Bad furniture equates to bad selling prices of your home. Good furniture means good sale prices of your property, faster selling time, more money in your pocket and ultimately, a happier you. 

If you want more money for your home in less time, stage your home! (And thank me, later).

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