If you know me, you know how much I love staging homes. It is one of my favorite topics and it is honestly invaluable to your property, in helping to make or break the sale of your home, and even help it sell faster and for more money. Yes, it’s that important. Let’s put it this way. Staging involves making a property more beautiful and sellable, and ultimately, can mean more money in your pocket. Who wouldn’t like that? (Unless well, you’re into fuddy-duddy, outdated furniture.). 

You may have noticed there’s a certain, special vibe to this time of year. The sun is out, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming…Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s summertime! In a previous post we talked about all the reasons why you should absolutely stage your property. Today, we’re exploring staging your property in the summer, and how the ballgame this time of year is a little different.

The main idea is that you want your home to feel as summery and light and airy as it is outside. Take the advantage of the beautiful freshness of the outdoors and bring it inside. Staging in the summer is like updating your summer wardrobe. You wouldn’t continue donning yourself in dark, muted tones and heavy materials that are common for colder days, right? So, why would you incloak your home in the same, sad and subdued, wintery tones, too? You should also be updating your home’s wardrobe for the summer…er, staging it properly for the summertime, that is. It’s time to lighten and brighten things up and infuse your life with color!

Without further ado, I bring you “Summertime Staging”! (Kind of sounds like a song, right?)

1) Bring the Outside In 

Staging in the summer is different from staging in other times of the year. While the main goal is still to beautify your home, elevate its aesthetics and ultimately increase its value, in the summer, you want to make your home feel as summery as the season itself. You don’t want potential buyers to enter your home, having just come from the sun-filled outdoors to encounter a well-furnished, yet heavy-feeling and stuffy atmosphere that doesn’t mesh well with the vibe of the season. 

So, how do you lighten things up? Bring the outside in! Take inspiration from the beautiful colors of nature. Add touches to your home that will make it feel more airy and summery, such as introducing bright pops of color here and there or decorating with fresh flower centerpieces. 

 2 ) Take Out the Trash

Ok, this one is simple enough. You, of course, should always be making sure that your home feels and smells fresh and inviting so as to keep those who live there, (including yourself!) any guests you entertain, as well as potential buyers feeling happy and pleased with the ambiance of your home. However, in the summer it is even important to keep up with maintaining, say…a pleasant fragrance in your home, as the season tends to intensify odors, and make already smelly situations that much more repugnant, even faster. So, take the trash out, and keep your home smelling as fresh as it looks. Because wouldn’t it be a shame to have your home staged beautifully but its foul odor turns buyers off and away from your property? 

3) Lighten Up 

There’s a certain “je ne sais quois” to the summertime, a bright and light, airy and euphoric appeal to the season. In the summer, you want to lighten up the ambiance in your home, literally by letting more light in. Could you imagine potential buyers entering what again could be a beautifully designed and decorated home, but due to a lack of light, your home ends up giving off an off-putting vibe? And dimly lit is one thing, while too dark to see clearly is a whole different story! Again, this is the time to lighten and brighten up the atmosphere of your home.

Take advantage of the longer, sunlit days and find ways to brighten up your home. Maybe, you can add certain window treatments that allow for more light to enter your property, or you can infuse touches of summer into your home that mesh well with the season with specific design accents and choices. Think, airy, uplifting and happy. 

4) Freshen Up the Vibe

Keeping with the same theme here, again you want to rejuvenate and revitalize the vibe in your home. Freshen up your space with touches of citrus that will infuse an energizing burst of zesty fragrance in your home. Maybe you can add pops of bright, saturated and summery colors such as fuschia pinks, spirited yellows and ethereal pastels that will make your space feel more airy and lifted — anything that freshens up the vibe in your home. 

To wrap it up, remember it’s summer outside, so you want to feel like it’s summer inside, as well!


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