Let’s face it, our clients look up to us for our expertise and guidance, there to answer their every question and concern… concerning real estate, of course. (What? Well, we’re not our clients’ therapists.) 

But questions like: Will you vet the buyer? How do I prepare my home for a showing? What’s the appraisal contingency? Is there a closing date? 

Yes, that’s our jam.

But, the real question is: do we need to give our 24/7 to our beloved clients?

The honest answer is: 24 hours/ 7 days a week is simply too much, even if you’re a workaholic (guilty).

Clients are always top priority, and that’s not to say you shouldn’t open yourself up to them daily. But all day, every day? We’re not superhuman, even if we sure feel like it.

As mama real estate moguls, however, we really can be considered quite the phenomenon. Our days are a delicate balancing act between all of our priorities, filled with drop offs and pickups for the kiddos, property showings and client meetings, then play dates, dinner plans and cold calling, research, and everything in between. 

And sure, your clients should always have your undivided attention. Therefore, it is vital to only make yourself available to clients when it works with your schedule so you can actually give your attention to your client, without being preoccupied by other priorities (oh, and to maintain your sanity.) 

Co-founder of the record-breaking Atelier Team at Compass and mother, Allison Chiaramonte, said it best:

 “It’s a full time job in every sense; it’s just spread over seven days instead of five.”

So essentially, each day of the week could be made accessible to your clients at some point of the day, just at the times you define as acceptable. My business mindset never really turns off, but it’s put on pause when it comes to carving out time for my children.

For Allison, being recognized as a top 100 agent in both NY state and NYC, closing in over $100 million in sales for the first quarter of 2022, and ranking amongst the top 1.5% of 1.6 million realtors nationwide in 2022 are feats that surely don’t come easy– especially with a growing family of three children ages two, five, and seven. Building her real estate empire while parenting is a balance she’s learned, as is handling client accessibility.

Here are some key takeaways from speaking with Allison about ways to broaden client accessibility as widely as possible, while setting boundaries for family and other personal priorities when necessary:

Use Your Mom Status

Working moms can be likened to some form of advanced intelligence; they somehow figure out a way to do it all. Being a mom calls for a specific schedule, and the flexibility of brokering as a real estate agent fits into the lifestyle.

Motherly duties can make work as a real estate agent more efficient, providing the perfect excuse to prioritize. If appointments need to be changed to be able to play outside with the kids in beautiful weather, they can be. If your child needs to suddenly be brought to the doctor, meetings can be rescheduled. As brokers, we can take the initiative to create the boundaries we need while staying dedicated to our industry and personal affairs. 

For Allison, that means using the efficiency of managing motherhood hand in hand with the flexibility of brokering– never, ever missing a morning drop off and using that time as a barrier for attending to work.

Create Structure with Helping Hands

In the world of real estate, it certainly takes a village. Having a compatible business partner or team facilitates the ability to be available to clients as often as possible.

To Allison, the key to a harmonious working relationship is having the same, or sharing a similar, work ethic. It’s crucial to be surrounded by others that are enthusiastic about their individual career trajectory, alongside that of the team’s overall goals.

This structure in work relationships works wonders: what may seem like a chaotic schedule becomes seamless and manageable when everyone is simply on the same page. 

Finding complementary skill sets to add to your team to work alongside will support the flexible and ever-changing schedules subject to brokers (and moms). And as moms in real estate with double the chaos, a balanced partnership makes for more accessibility.

Tap Into Your Personal Sphere Wisely

Naturally, anybody we encounter can reap the benefits of our specialized skill set. It’s almost impossible not to exude real-estate energy if the opportunity presents itself when going to new places or interacting with new people. As a mom, meeting others and connecting may inherently bring forth the potential for the development of business relationships. This also rings true with our loved ones and friends, as we’re always more than willing to provide services or any guidance necessary.

Real estate relations within the personal sphere are totally okay, so long as they’re kept on a professionally appropriate level. Allison mentions the importance of always approaching the client as if they were a stranger when providing guidance and advice. 

Close-knit client relations could become more stressful and draining than those that are kept strictly as business relationships. This is because if there is a negative outcome such as a shift in the market, or other unfavorable ramifications, your client will react with some form of emotional fallout. These emotional pressures are worse to contend with when you have a personal relationship with your client. 

Allison therefore recommends that if you do have a personal connection with a client, give them the same level of accessibility as you would a stranger. Also, make sure to spare them of any excess comfort or personal feelings and in regard to your services, avoid going above and beyond for them. Remember to keep it professional. 

Consistency in your accessibility, no matter how you are acquainted with your client – strangers, loved ones, friends, etc. – will help you manage your schedule on your own time in a more efficient and doable manner. This is how you can keep up the balancing act and do it all as real estate agent mamas. 

(And of course, we know you’re super heroes, too). 

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